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An English family holding the office of king's champion. The honor (and the manor house) first went to the Marmions not long after the Conquest, but they died out, whereupon, on marriage, it passed to the Ludlows, but they died out, whereupon, again on marriage, it went to the Dymokes (when they weren't being beheaded). The idea was to defend the king against all challengers at his coronation, riding a white horse and wearing a suit of armor, and so it was until the early 19th century, after which the practice itself died out, though a Dymoke was called in to carry the royal standard at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1952. A Dymoke married a Windebanke, a Windebanke married a Reade (two did in fact), and a Reade sailed for Virginia and became royal governor.

Sources: Faris, Plantagenet Ancestors of Seventeenth-Century Colonists; Dorman, Ancestors of Purse and Person, pp. 417-26; Malden, "Parishes: Tooting Graveney," pp. 102-107

generation no. 1

Henry Dymoke, born c 1265. Married Dionisia du Plessis.

generation no. 2

John Dymoke, born c 1290, Scrivelsby. Usher of the Exchequer. Married Felicia Harville.

generation no. 3

John Dymoke, of Scrivelsby (Sir), born c 1322, died 16 April 1381. Married 1354 Margaret Ludlow, born 1325, died 26 March 1415, daughter of Thomas Ludlow and Catherine Stokes.

generation no. 4

Thomas Dymoke, of Scrivelsby (Sir), born c 1355, died 1422. Married 1400, Elizabeth Hebden, born c 1380, died c February 1452, daughter of Richard Hebden and Katherine De Dyhom Rye.

generation no. 5

Philip Dymoke, of Scrivelsby, born 1400, died 23 September 1455. Married 1431 Johanna Conyers.

generation no. 6

Thomas Dymoke, of Scrivelsby, born c 1428, beheaded 12 March 1471. Champion of King Edward IV. Executed before Battle of Stamford, when Warwick withdrew support from Edward IV sending king into exile for a year. Married 13 June 1457 Margaret Welles, Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

generation no. 7

Robert Dymoke, born c 1461, died 13 April 1544-46. Royal Champion at coronation of kings Richard III, Henry VII and Henry VIII. Will proved 21 April 1545 in Halthasm, Lincolnshire. Married (1) Jane Sparrow, born c 1470, daughter of John Sparrow of London; (2) c 1508 Jane Cressnore, born c 1480, daughter of Alexander Cressnore.

generation no. 8

Sir Edward Dymoke, of Scrivelsby, born 1508, died 16 September 1566. King's Champion. Married before 1536 Anne Talboys, born 1516, died 1562.

generation no. 9

Frances (Mary) Dymoke, born c 1541, died after 1611 (see letter). Married Sir Thomas Windebanke, born 1566, clerk of the Signet, died 24 October 1607.

Note: The first name of Frances appears in all records except the cited letter from the Calendar of State Papers Domestic, Elizabeth 1598-1601, vol. 275, pp. 440-46: June 1600

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