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It was George Cantey, not Teige, who arrived from the Barbados to Charleston in the so-called first fleet in the spring of 1670. Records of the time indicate that he imported his elderly father and mother not long after. So far as is known, all branches of the family in America descend from this single head, Teige Cantey. Distinguished in South Carolina history, most were members of St. James' Goose Creek, St. George's, St. Mark's, and St. Stephen's parishes and — almost continuously from 1696 to 1775 — members of the assembly.

Sources: South Carolina census 1790-1890; Baldwin, First Settlers of South Carolina, p. 44; Ames, Six Generations of the Cantey Family

generation no. 1

George Cantey, born c 1596 in Ireland.

generation no. 2

Teige Cantey, born 28 August 1618 in Cork, died 3 May 1679 in Charleston, will dated 21 September 1678 (see will and miscellany). Married c 1649 Elizabeth, born 1625, died 1714. Came to Ashley River SC from the Barbados.

generation no. 3

Captain William Cantey, born 19 August 1657 in Cork, died c 1716. Married Jane Baker. Member of the assembly for Berkely in 1696, 1697, and 1704. Commanded in September 1706 a company against French and Spanish attack on Charleston, routed enemy at Hobcaw in Christ Church Parish. Will lost, property of 22 slaves divided by commission, reported 12 February 1725.

generation no. 4

Samuel Cantey, born after 1704, died before 19 February 1762. Married Ann — — . Bought land in Dorchester SC on 17 July 1732, but moved to Prince Frederick Parish across the Santee River, elected overseer of the parish in 1757.

generation no. 5

Joseph Cantey, born 26 January 1735 in South Carolina, died 1781, will filed in Camden 16 August 1781, lived in Craven Co. Justice of the peace, 1767 member of Grand Jury. Married Ann — — (see miscellany), born 1739 and died 1776.

generation no. 6

Samuel Cantey, born 1760 Goose Creek, Berkeley Co. died 1826. Married Judith Wilbourn, born 1764 and died 1804.

Sources: U.S. Census 1790; South Carolina probate records 1777

generation no. 7

Martha Cantey, born 1789, died 1 June 1840. Married 3 March 1807 at Goose Creek to Lewis Frederick Breaker . Removed to Key West.

Source: U.S. Census 1830, 1840

Will abstract: Teige Cantey

21 September 1678

"Teige Cantey and his wife Elizabeth were brought to the first settlement on the Ashley River by their son George, as appears from a warrant issued to the latter, 6 July 1695. In the inventory of Teige's estate there is an item, 'Left in the hands of M. Hooker in y Isleland of Barbados in ready money', so it is probable that he came directly from Barbados; and the first record of his being in South Carolina is on 24 August 1672, when he received a grant of 24 acres, adjacent to the grant previously made his son George. On 15 June 1678, he received a further grant of 550 acres 'in some convenient place,' but he died within the following year. His will is dated Sept. 21, 1678,' and the inventory of his estate was filed on May 3, 1679.' In his will he names his wife Elizabeth as his executrix, and the instrument is witnessed by John Stork, John Donnoho and Ralph Marshall. He calls himself "Teige Cantey of Ashley River," and leaves bequests to his two daughters, Mary Smericke and Catherine Manely; his two sons, George and William (the latter having then no issue); his grandson, Francis Smericke 'when 21;' and his grandson, John Cantey, son of George, 'when 21.'"

Source: Historical Commission, Columbia SC, Book 1672-1692, pp 86, 19, 131, 59-61

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